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Hello, [subject’s name here]!

In Random on September 14, 2008 at 12:59 am

Hey, all. This be my first post.


Aren’t the crickets astounding? How they just go on about their little selves?

Excuse me while I look around at the nothingness and shuffle my feet awkwardly.

In any case, I dub this blog mine, and it shall be thus and thus, until I deem it otherwise. Until that fateful day, you, [subject’s name here], shall learn more than you’ll ever want to know of me. My likes, dislikes, philosophical, and not so philosophical musings, the ups and downs of my life, the ups and downs of the tide, the price of fish in Barbados, etc…

I’ll try to keep the rants to under a couple hundred words, but don’t hold me to that statement.


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